Here we answer the most often asked questions and we will appreciate your feedback which helps to build this page:

  • Q. How many deliveries have you made?
    A. Maritinera is not a newly formed company without any previous activity. Maritinera is a newly built website which is really a new ‘business card’ for a group of crew members who have worked together over many years. The number of deliveries we have made collectively are too numerous to list. We can give you as many references as you wish to have but on this website we only list the most recent activity.
  • Q. Are you fully insured to cover all your works?
    A. Along with health and safety matters we consider the correct insurance cover as vital for any works we undertake. The subjects of insurance and h & s will be settled with all customers before commencing any works.
  • Q. Are there any negative records, reports or complaints recorded against your work?
    A. No. All our crew and other workers are personally known to us. Safety, health, security and care of customer property are always high on our minds whatever work we are undertaking.
  • Q. Can you deliver or work on vessels worldwide?
    A. Yes, we are confident in our abilities to work globally. Of course this is subject to any restrictions or unforeseen difficulties which may be imposed or arise in any area.